Winners are a dime-a-dozen; Champions do what it takes to defeat the "Winners."

At GCP, we celebrate the effort and sacrifice. The work done with nobody watching. The extra rep in the weight room. The extra lap in the pool. The extra sprint. The extra foul shot. One more rep than your opponent followed by ten more for good measure. Champions go the extra mile...and so do we for champions.

For Teams:


We serve teams by delivering what parents and players really want. Moms receive a great picture of their "baby" that she can share with grandma and display all year round (not one that's out of season in two months). Players receive an awesome team poster that brings-out the fierceness, intensity, and comraderie that flows out of the hard work each has put forth to build this team. We also create custom banners to celebrate seniors (we have several options to work with your budget) and the team's season. For more details, call the studio (330.765.9898) or click on "contact us" above.

For Individuals:


Seniors, you worked hard: 4 years of blood, sweat, and tears; hours toiling in the weight room; bruises showing all the colors of the rainbow. This is it: YOUR year. Let's work together to create a custom piece to forever remember this time. The Extreme Sports session is available as an add-on to your senior session or as a stand-alone session. Your job is easy: you choose the style, you choose the size (starting at 16x20), you choose what you want it printed on (metal--most popular--, canvas, and a number of other options). We will keep the session as short as possible to get you back on the field. For more information contact the studio by calling 330.765.9898 or clicking the button above.