Ah, Senior Year.

This year will be filled with memories: the last homecoming, the last athletic event, the last exam (not that anyone wants to remember this one). This year will fly by faster than anyone will realize. When you look back on this special time, you will want a special keepsake to hold-on to your memories forever.

Three Easy Options


The Process

Once you contact us, we can walk you through our session options, collaborate on wardrobe and location ideas, and learn a little more about you, your ideas, and how we can serve you best.

After your portrait session, you will schedule your Reveal Night (morning or afternoon works, too) for approximately two weeks later. At your reveal, you will view your proofs for the first time, select which portraits are your favorite, choose how you would like to display your portraits in your home, and place your order. We strongly encourage that all people who are necessary to make the purchasing decisions are present, so that your time isn’t wasted (having to schedule a second or third appointment for the other people to give the ok) and delay the delivery of your order. Final print orders will be ready within 3-4 weeks (albums take a little bit longer, but are worth the wait).

To give you an idea about our pricing, sessions start at $99 (our most popular session runs $125). Our easy to choose collections are tailored with digital and print products that our seniors and parents love (sleek & modern, brushed aluminum wall portraits, smart phone app, session books and albums, etc.). We require no minimum purchase, but to give you an idea, clients typically spend $400-800 on average. 

Click HERE to book your session or to get more information.

Looking for something unique? Check out our Extreme Session option as part of your Designer Session!