Kingsway Preschool Picture Day

October 10, 2018

Thank you for checking-out the information about your child’s picture day. If any questions aren’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to call the studio (330.765.9898) Monday-Friday 9:30-4 or Saturday 10-1. You may also send us an email using the form below.


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Ordering/ Choosing what’s right for you

For the sake of ease and simplicity, we have created several collections of popular items for school pictures in addition to the “a la carte” list. If something else fits your needs better, you are able to make your own. Simply, pick 3 or more items from the a la carte list and receive the same Collection Pricing. Also, if a Collection partially fits your needs, but you need a few more pictures for family/friends, you can add-on to your collection at that same reduced rate.

If you use the online ordering system, click the button below. When prompted, enter a valid email address, so you will receive your receipt. Then, select the sample picture and click “Buy Photo” at the top right part of your screen. You will see the current options available for purchase. At Check-out, please add your child’s name in the “Notes” Section (to make sure you receive the correct order). You may pay online or send a check or cash on picture day.

**Note, if ordering online, you MUST select the “Make Your Own” option under the “Collections” tab after selecting the 3 or more items for the cart to reflect the Collection prices. If adding to a Collection, once a Collection is selected, the cart will reflect the discount.


Picture Day

Picture Days with young kids are a funny thing. You never know how some children will react. Sometimes they will be shy. Sometimes they “ham-it-up” in front of the camera. Our aim is to capture an expression that is a natural, happy representation of your son or daughter. He or she may not be perfectly posed, but at this age, if they are too worried/focused about how (s)he is posing, the natural expressions are lost…and those are the ones we love most.

If you are sending a favorite toy or book to school that day, (unless otherwise instructed by your teacher) please send it in a bag and place it in your child’s locker/cubby, so it is not a distraction during class time. Please indicate that one is included on the order form or in the notes online (or let the teacher know), so I can make sure it’s retrieved for pictures.



Pictures will be delivered to the school 3-4 weeks after picture day. Since this is the beginning of the busy season for photo processing companies (October through December), you will be notified if there would happen to be any production delays.

If you would need to order additional pictures for Christmas gifts or to pass around during the holidays, we can guarantee delivery before Kingsway’s Christmas Break if ordered before Thanksgiving Break.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the pictures or service you have received, please contact Dustin or Sarah directly (see below), and we will do everything in our power to make it right. Please don’t go to your teacher. She already has enough things to worry about.

Again, if you have any unanswered question, please call (330.765.9898) or leave a message below, and I will see you October 10th.

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