What's in a Name?


After four years of business, Sarah Gessel Photography is making some changes. First, in order to serve our customers better, we are looking to open-up a new, more centrally located (Wooster-area) studio that will give us more space and more photo options during the winter and when the weather is bad. Second, with this change, Dustin is taking-on a more full-time roll with the company. He has been with me from the beginning (as an assistant and 2nd shooter) and has taken-on a greater roll over the last two years becoming our primary photographer for High School Seniors, Sports Teams, and Families.

At this point, keeping our name "Sarah Gessel Photography" doesn't entirely make sense since Dustin is shooting as much as, if not more than, me.

So, this is where you come in:

We need some help coming-up with a new name. We are looking for a name that identifies that it isn't just me, but the two of us working in the business. It could be a creative name or more straight-forward. We came-up with a few, but we aren't in love with any of the names. We are still serving the same types of clients. I will still photograph babies and kids. Dustin will still photograph seniors and head shots. Our new added space will allow us to expand our offerings over time.

Here's where it gets fun:

We will select several finalists and post a poll of the finalists on our Facebook page to give our customers some input on the name. Each finalist will receive a free 8x10 at their next session. The person who suggests the name we choose for the new studio name will receive a free session (excluding wedding or newborn) and a wall portrait from the session (up to 16x20--a combined value of $300) as a thank-you.

Time to get busy and put your thinking caps on. There is no limit on the number of entries. Finalists will be chosen by the end of the week. Submit your entries below. Good Luck! :)